Linux Today

  1. Ytalk is a free multi-user chat program which works similar to the UNIX talk program.

  2. 2DayGeek: Learn how to map ASM disks against physical disks and LUNs in Linux.

  3. fossbytes: In our yearly list of the best Linux distros for older computers, Peppermint Linux OS appears prominently.

  4. Zettlr is an open source markdown editor with features that help writers and researchers.

  5. Appimage is one of the portable software formats that can be used in various Linux distributions.

  6. A fun little article about how to display a custom login banner or motd in the Linux terminal.

  7. GamingOnLinux: It has been a really busy year for Linux gamers so far...

  8. Linuxize: Memcached is a free and open-source high-performance in-memory key-value data store.

  9. Linus Torvalds: Nothing particularly odd going on this merge window.