Linux Today

  1. eWEEK: Chris Aniszczyk, Chief Operating Officer of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation outlines the current and future direction for the increasingly popular organization and its Kubecon event.

  2. Testing resource limits and loads adds predictability and resiliency to your systems.

  3. ServerWatch: Serverless technology offers the promise of lower cost and improved efficiency, but how does it actually work?

  4.  MakeTechEasier: If you are fairly new to Linux, there are various avenues to help you learn Linux

  5.  Nixcraft: Learn how to monitor the core temperature of a aspberry Pi 3.

  6. HowToForge: This tutorial will show you how to install and configure the latest version of WordPress 5 on top of a LAMP stack in Debian 9 - Stretch

  7. Ubuntu Touch OTA-6 is now rolling out

  8. Hybrid apps are a good middle ground between native and web apps.

  9. Link commands together to build a colorful calendar, and then whisk it away in a snowstorm.