Linux Today

  1. TechRepublic: Learn how to prevent Linux users from executing certain commands and confining them to their home directory by employing rbash.

  2. Enterprises are increasingly using the open source PostgreSQL database. Read in this Q&A where the growth is coming from and how some of it is from users in the cloud.

  3. LinuxInsider: If you are tired of distro hopping and want a computing platform that works without drama, check out the latest Freespire Linux release.

  4. What is the current relationship between GNU and the FSF? RMS explains...

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  6. TechRepublic: Engineers at Bosch Rexroth have chosen an open source way to power their app-based automation platform, citing better security and faster time to production

  7. The Register: Funding free software is 'still a very unsolved problem' says co-founder

  8. Linus Torvalds: Fairly normal rc3 as far as I can tell.

  9. techrights: We simply need to make the movement less corporate, and more grassroots.