Linux Today

  1. Learn how to install Android 8.1 on your Linux system so that you can use your android apps and games any time you want.

  2. Learn how to secure a Linux server using hardening best practices

  3. itsFOSS: FinalCrypt is a free and open source encryption tool that allows you to encrypt files with a key.

  4. The Debian GNU/Linux 9.8 point release is here as an up-to-date install media that contains numerous security and bug fixes

  5. ostechnix: Add a regular user to sudo group and remove the given privileges to make it as just a normal user on Ubuntu.

  6. Learn how to create a bootable Ubuntu USB stick from the Linux terminal.

  7. LinuxLinks: Latte is a dock based on plasma frameworks that aims to offer an elegant and intuitive experience for your tasks and KDE Plasma widgets.

  8. postmarketOS is a touch-optimized, security-focused, and pre-configured Alpine-based Linux distribution created to be compatible with several old and new devices.

  9. Netdata is a free open source, scalable, adaptive, customizable, extensible, and powerful real-time performance and health monitoring tool for Linux systems, which collects and visualizes metrics.