Linux Today

  1.  itprotoday: This process for dealing with compliance issues is already hardwired into GPLv3 which was released in 2007, but Linux and other major projects continue to use GPLv2 which has no built-in provisions for dealing with such problems.

  2. Save time doing updates with the Ansible IT automation engine.

  3. ostechnix: There is no 'try' Do or do not - with Yoda.

  4. 2DayGeek: Oracle Linux with the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel provides the best performance for Oracle applications.

  5. LinuxTechi: Webmin is web based interface for managing UNIX systems.

  6. When diagnosing internet and network connectivity, having a way to monitor issues over time is important.

  7.  itsFOSS: This step-by-step tutorial demonstrates how to upgrade to Ubuntu 18.04 Beta from Ubuntu 17.10

  8. MakeTechEasier: Linux offers a number of tools for examining your running processes.

  9. AMD says that all these vulnerabilities required administrative privileges, which means they have limited impact.